Lifelong Lovers of the Divine Beauty

O friends of God, it is certain that the clouds of divine bounty and bestowal rain equally upon all humanity. However, we each partake of these bounties according to our capacity. Although potentialities differ in degree, not a single soul is completely bereft of capacity. Indeed, progress in this world is dependent on that preordained measure and the manner in which people fulfill their God-given potentiality. Accordingly our responsibility is commensurate with our capacity, as it is said: “God will not burden any soul beyond its capacity.” It is our ardent hope that the lifelong lovers of the Divine Beauty will, in the privacy of their conscience and in the presence of God, thoroughly assess their ability, judge their situation, and decide what kind and extent of service they can render in the path of the love of Bahá’u’lláh, then offer it in fulfilment of a vow of faithfulness, that they may attain the bounty of reunion in the everlasting world and reap the harvest of their existence. Otherwise, if they think only of their own comfort in this mortal life and are heedless of the purpose of their creation, undoubtedly they will bring loss and regret upon themselves.

The Universal House of Justice


Bahá’ís of Tacoma – Bicentennial Birthdays of Bahá’u’lláh and the Báb – 200 Years

October 22, 2017 is the anniversary of a special and joyous occasion for followers of Bahá’u’lláh. It is the 200th anniversary of His birth:  the birth of One Who was to be the Bearer of a new Message for humankind. The 198th anniversary of the birth of the Báb, the Herald of Bahá’u’lláh, falls the day before, on October 21, 2017. And, the Báb’s 200th anniversary will occur in 2019.  There is no greater event in human history than the arrival of God’s Messenger. He renews the spirit of faith, reminding everyone of the unchanging spiritual values to which we must strive to attain in our own persons, and instituting new laws to suit to current conditions.

There will be local festivities to celebrate these occasions, both in Tacoma and in surrounding communities. As we are told by the Universal House of Justice, our supreme governing body,

At the heart of these festivities must be a concerted effort to convey a sense of what it means for humanity that these two Luminaries rose successively above the horizon of the world. Of course, this will take different forms in different contexts, extending to a myriad artistic and cultural expressions, including songs, audio-visual presentations, publications and books. Such initiatives, coupled with widespread celebrations that are both uplifting and reverent, are also sure to spark the curiosity and wonder of many who may as yet be unfamiliar with the names of the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh.

Plans are being made. Stay curious. Stay tuned. Stay inspired.


Our Community Life – Junior Youth Camp

Junior Youth Camp reflectionOver the weekend of February 14 – 16, 2015, twelve junior youth, two animators and one assisting youth gathered at a home in Gig Harbor for a three-day junior youth camp. The camp focused on studying and completing the  junior youth text Glimmerings of Hope, which over the course of twelve readings tells the story of Kibomi, a twelve-year-old from a small village in Africa who sets out to find his sister in another city after their parents fall victim to violent civil strife. Throughout his journey, Kibomi is presented with a number of opportunities to analyze prevailing social tides and begins to see the implications of the choices he makes. Every reading is followed by a few exercises designed to strengthen language skills, and help junior youth from every background think about how the understanding gained by Kibomi on his journey pertains to their own lives. This includes understanding and memorizing prayers, which the camp participants especially enjoyed putting to music together. To help reflect on and put into practice the concepts in the story, the junior youth engaged in a number of complimentary activities including taking a sailing lesson together, beachcombing and creating art from their findings, rising early together for dawn prayers, teaching a class to six children about preferring their brother, visiting a farm and doing a service project to help prepare vegetable beds, making candles, and creating skits about the story and unity. At the end of the camp, they hosted a celebration for parents and community members were they shared devotions, songs, art, skits, and thoughts about their experience.

The following are reflections from some of the junior youth who participated:

“It’s easy to get caught up, like the soldiers inJunior Youth Camp service project the story. But it’s possible to reflect on our actions. Despair is easier, but it brings more challenges.”

“God is the source (of strength and protection). In the analogy, humans made the boat, but God created the wood for the boat and the wind for the sail.”

“We can rely on Him and pray to Him and He might grant it if it helps make the world a better place.”

“God may illumine our hearts. Our hearts are made of glass, so it can be lit like a candle.”

“It was fun to see the children learn, to see them fully engaged.”

“It felt good to help people with their work. We also got to talk and socialize during it. It felt good doing good for other people, giving up our own desires.”

Junior Yout Camp Sailing 12At the end of our studies, some wrote the following:

“I am hopeful that this junior youth group can change the world in many different ways. I am hopeful for my family. I am hopeful that this world to be a more peaceful place, example no more wars, murders, robbers, bullies, and disrespectful people.”

“Hopeful means to me that you remain hopeful even when it is difficult. Hope is contagious it shouldn’t be hard to pass on. Hope is light and despair is the absence of hope, despair is not a thing in itself. I am hopeful that we will stay close to nature. I am hopeful that the arts and science be taught, be learned, be appreciated, and I am hopeful that we will never loose hope in the darksome night of despair.”

“I think hope means to me is not to stress about not having the little things in life. What I mean by that is that some people always complain about not having everything in life happen to them, they always give up, they loose hope.”

“Hope is knowledge, helping people. For example, being of service.”

“You have to trust God to have hope. Kibomi didn’t have faith or hope at first when his parents died. He needed to trust in God when his parents first died he should have prayer to God to make things better. Kibomi thought that he was not going to be happy again but he was wrong.”

Junior Yout Farm visit“Hopeful for getting a good education so I can go help people understand the purpose of material and spiritual intellect. Hope is being of service and striving through difficulties to be radiant. Through the hardest of times people think despair is easier so they lead a hard life, when you have hope you find/receive confirmation in difficulties.”

Reported by Stephanie Christy

Photos by George Dannells



Junior Youth & Children in Service to the Community


trash pick up

Junior youth and children from a neighborhood in east Tacoma learn lessons in contributing to the betterment of their community. Here, they pick up trash in their neighborhood. Photo by M. Yazdani.



Planting a tree is one small step to help beautify the neighborhood! Photos by S. Christy.




    Man’s merit lieth in service and virtue and

    not in the pageantry of wealth and riches.









Locate the site of the House of the Báb in Shiraz


Photo is from:

The House of the Báb in Shiraz was the most holy place for Bahá’ís in Iran. It was destroyed in 1979 by the new regime. It is possible to go to Google Earth and see exactly where it was located.


It is advisable to first get a ground view of the site as it appears today. Go to YouTube and see a 33 second video showing the ground view:

Go to Google Earth and type into its search window “Dastgheib Blvd, Shiraz”, and it will take you to that precise location, which you will be able to identify from the video. It’s about in the center of the city. The small mosque in the video is the Bayt al Mahdi Mosque, which is, ironically, dedicated to the Promised One. The older and larger Now (New) Mosque is located next to it.


Photo is from:

See a video on Pilgrimage to the House of the Báb, narrated by Marzieh Gale and David Ruhe:




Rain down out of the clouds of Thy bounty

O God, Who art the Author of all Manifestations, the Source of all Sources, the Fountain-Head of all Revelations, and the Well-Spring of all Lights! I testify that by Thy Name the heaven of understanding hath been adorned, and the ocean of utterance hath surged, and the dispensations of Thy providence have been promulgated unto the followers of all religions.

I beseech Thee so to enrich me as to dispense with all save Thee, and be made independent of any one except Thyself. Rain down, then, upon me out of the clouds of Thy bounty that which shall profit me in every world of Thy worlds. Assist me, then, through Thy strengthening grace, so to serve Thy Cause amidst Thy servants that I may show forth what will cause me to be remembered as long as Thine own kingdom endureth and Thy dominion will last.

This is Thy servant, O my Lord, who with his whole being hath turned unto the horizon of Thy bounty, and the ocean of Thy grace, and the heaven of Thy gifts. Do with me then as becometh Thy majesty, and Thy glory, and Thy bounteousness, and Thy grace.

Thou, in truth, art the God of strength and power, Who art meet to answer them that pray Thee. There is no God save Thee, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.