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Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF


The children of Mom village in Papua New Guinea, photographed here, will be among the main beneficiaries of the establishment of the medical aid post they are standing in front of.  Reproduced with permission of the Bahá’í International Community at


The Bahá’ís of the United States, through their National Spiritual Assembly, have for many years supported the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, and our support continues this year. The Trick-or Treat for UNICEF initiative, along with others, contributes to the realization of UNICEF’s mission to ensure that all children lead a healthy, humane, and dignified life.

Each day, over 24,000 children die in the developing world of preventable causes. We believe that number could, and should, be zero. With your support, we are confident that this day will become a reality.

UNICEF has different tools available to help save a child:

Online Volunteer Center. Find activities, training sessions and materials for UNICEF education, advocacy and fundraising.

TeachUNICEF helps educators engage students as active global citizens in learning about UNICEF’s efforts worldwide.Visit

UNICEF’s Tap Project is an advocacy and engagement program that needs volunteers to secure the support of restaurants to help raise funds for providing safe drinking water. Restaurants invite their customers to contribute $1 or more. Visit

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF raises funds during Halloween. Materials can be ordered online in advance and participants will receive stickers, posters, and other resources including orange collection boxes. Visit

The goal of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF is to work for that day when zero lives of children are lost due to preventable causes.

Thanksgiving Interfaith Service


Tuesday, November 24th, 7 p.m.

Urban Grace Downtown Church

South 9th and St. Helens, Tacoma


The annual interfaith service this year will be quite extraordinary! 


Along with representatives of the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Sufi, Unitarian, several denominations of the Christian, and Native American spiritual traditions, this years program will feature several spiritual themes of Thanksgiving including “Forgiveness and Come-Unity.”  The Bahá’í Children’s Choir of Gig Harbor, Leaves of One Tree, will be featured in the service, along with the traditional lighting of the Faith candles, presentation of Faith Symbols, and Russ Salton and Chris Gilbert of “Salton C” will provide 30 minutes of opening music starting at 6:30 along with a featured  instrumental for the closing offering.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the Bahá’ís to demonstrate their passion for building the spiritual community for which Bahá’u’lláh has charged us.  Could there be a better place or time to share peace and unity and Thanksgiving with peoples of so many of the Great Faith’s gathered in a truly interfaith event?


Image courtesy of Médiathèque Baha’ie at at

The Gift of Faith – Day 9 – October 25th


‘Artworks’, Bahá’í Youth Dance/Theatre Performing Arts Group in Perth, Australia 2002. Reproduced with permission of the Bahá’í International Community at


Any person desiring to be surrounded by the confirmation of the Blessed Perfection, must arise and teach the Cause. 



Thou beholdest, O my God, the Day-Star of Thy Word shining above the horizon of Thy prison-city, inasmuch as within its walls He who is the Manifestation of Thy Self and the Day-Spring of the light of Thy unity hath raised His voice and uttered Thy praise. The fragrances of Thy love have thereby been wafted over Thy cities and have encompassed all the dwellers of Thy realm.

 Since Thou hast revealed Thy grace, O my God, deter not Thy servants from directing their eyes towards it. Consider not, O my God, their estate, and their concerns and their works. Consider the greatness of Thy glory, and the plenteousness of Thy gifts, and the power of Thy might, and the excellence of Thy favors. I swear by Thy glory! Wert Thou to look upon them with the eye of justice, all would deserve Thy wrath and the rod of Thine anger. Hold Thou Thy creatures, O my God, with the hands of Thy grace, and make Thou known unto them what is best for them of all the things that have been created in the kingdom of Thine invention.

 We testify, O my God, that Thou art God, and that there is no God besides Thee. From eternity Thou hast existed with none to equal or rival Thee, and wilt abide for ever the same. I beseech Thee, by the eyes which see Thee stablished upon the throne of unity and the seat of oneness, to aid all them that love Thee by Thy Most Great Name, and to lift them up into such heights that they will testify with their own beings and with their tongues that Thou art God alone, the Incomparable, the One, the Ever-Abiding. Thou hast had at no time any peer or partner. Thou, in truth, art the All-Glorious, the Almighty, Whose help is implored by all men.


The Gift of Faith – Day 8 – October 24th


   A view of the construction at the Bahá’í World Centre in June 1993. Courtesy of Carl & Tim Horn.


The very act of teaching the Cause will help them to realize their own worth and enable them to fulfil their individual spiritual responsibilities.” 

Universal House of Justice


Lauded be Thy name, O my God! I testify that no thought of Thee, howsoever wondrous, can ever ascend into the heaven of Thy knowledge, and no praise of Thee, no matter how transcendent, can soar up to the atmosphere of Thy wisdom. From eternity Thou hast been removed far above the reach and the ken of the comprehension of Thy servants, and immeasurably exalted above the strivings of Thy bondslaves to express Thy mystery. What power can the shadowy creature claim to possess when face to face with Him Who is the Uncreated?

I bear witness that the highest thoughts of all such as adore Thy unity, and the profoundest contemplations of all them that have recognized Thee, are but the product of what hath been generated through the movement of the Pen of Thy behest, and hath been begotten by Thy will. I swear by Thy glory, O Thou Who art the Beloved of my soul and the Fountain of my life! I am persuaded of my powerlessness to describe and extol Thee in a manner that becometh the greatness of Thy glory and the excellence of Thy majesty. Aware as I am of this, I beseech Thee, by Thy mercy that hath surpassed all created things, and Thy grace that hath embraced the entire creation, to accept from Thy servants what they are capable of showing forth in Thy path. Aid them, then, by Thy strengthening grace, to exalt Thy word and to blazon Thy praise.

Powerful art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee. Thou, truly, art the All-Glorious, the All-Wise.


The Gift of Faith – Day 7 – October 23rd


Participants at the national Bahá’í youth conference in N’Zerekore, Guinea in August 2004. Reproduced with the permission of the Bahá’í International Community at


O God, my God! Fill up for me the cup of detachment from all things, and in the assembly of Thy splendors and bestowals, rejoice me with the wine of loving Thee. Free me from the assaults of passion and desire, break off from me the shackles of this nether world, draw me with rapture unto Thy supernal realm, and refresh me amongst the handmaids with the breathings of Thy holiness.

O Lord, brighten Thou my face with the lights of Thy bestowals, light Thou mine eyes with beholding the signs of Thine all-subduing might; delight my heart with the glory of Thy knowledge that encompasseth all things, gladden Thou my soul with Thy soul-reviving tidings of great joy, O Thou King of this world and the Kingdom above, O Thou Lord of dominion and might, that I may spread abroad Thy signs and tokens, and proclaim Thy Cause, and promote Thy Teachings, and serve Thy Law and exalt Thy Word.

Thou art, verily, the Powerful, the Ever-Giving, the Able, the Omnipotent.

– ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


“… Let him remember the example set by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, and his constant admonition to shower such kindness upon the seeker, and exemplify to such a degree the spirit of the teachings he hopes to instill into him, that the recipient will be spontaneously impelled to identify himself with the Cause embodying such teachings.

– Shoghi Effendi

The Gift of Faith – Day 6 – October 22nd

Autumn in Tacoma

O God, my God! Thou seest me enraptured and attracted toward Thy glorious kingdom, enkindled with the fire of Thy love amongst mankind, a herald of Thy kingdom in these vast and spacious lands, severed from aught else save Thee, relying on Thee, abandoning rest and comfort, remote from my native home, a wanderer in these regions, a stranger fallen upon the ground, humble before Thine exalted Threshold, submissive toward the heaven of Thine omnipotent glory, supplicating Thee in the dead of night and at the break of dawn, entreating and invoking Thee at morn and at eventide to graciously aid me to serve Thy Cause, to spread abroad Thy Teachings and to exalt Thy Word throughout the East and the West.


O Lord! Strengthen my back, enable me to serve Thee with the utmost endeavor, and leave me not to myself, lonely and helpless in these regions.


O Lord! Grant me communion with Thee in my loneliness, and be my companion in these foreign lands.


Verily, Thou art the Confirmer of whomsoever Thou willest in that which Thou desirest, and, verily, Thou art the All-Powerful, the Omnipotent.


– ‘Abdu’l-Bahá



Every day has certain needs. In those early days the Cause needed Martyrs, and people who would stand all sorts of torture and persecution in expressing their faith and spreading the message sent by God. Those days are, however, gone. The Cause at present does not need martyrs who would die for the faith, but servants who desire to teach and establish the Cause throughout the world. To live to teach in the present day is like being martyred in those early days. It is the spirit that moves us that counts, not the act through which that spirit expresses itself; and that spirit is to serve the Cause of God with our heart and soul.


– From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi