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Lifelong Lovers of the Divine Beauty

O friends of God, it is certain that the clouds of divine bounty and bestowal rain equally upon all humanity. However, we each partake of these bounties according to our capacity. Although potentialities differ in degree, not a single soul is completely bereft of capacity. Indeed, progress in this world is dependent on that preordained measure and the manner in which people fulfill their God-given potentiality. Accordingly our responsibility is commensurate with our capacity, as it is said: “God will not burden any soul beyond its capacity.” It is our ardent hope that the lifelong lovers of the Divine Beauty will, in the privacy of their conscience and in the presence of God, thoroughly assess their ability, judge their situation, and decide what kind and extent of service they can render in the path of the love of Bahá’u’lláh, then offer it in fulfilment of a vow of faithfulness, that they may attain the bounty of reunion in the everlasting world and reap the harvest of their existence. Otherwise, if they think only of their own comfort in this mortal life and are heedless of the purpose of their creation, undoubtedly they will bring loss and regret upon themselves.

The Universal House of Justice