Some things are best not done alone

… like going for a walk across a new bridge with 30,000 of your friends. Well, OK, so maybe you don’t have quite that many friends – that just means that there are fewer people to ask you for favors.

Searching your spiritual nature and connecting with your Creator can be done in more intimate surroundings, such as by attending a devotional meeting with Baha’is in your community, or a study circle to learn about important aspects of spirituality from the Baha’i teachings, or a fireside where you can discuss whatever spiritual matters appeal to you. Your children, too, can attend children’s classes. Activities can be planned for junior youth.

Becoming a better person does not happen by accident. Reflection, decision, action, focus, persistence and habit are all required for success in life, spiritual or material.

Photo: the grand opening of the new Narrows Bridge connecting Tacoma and the peninsula, on Sunday, July 15, 2007.

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