Feast of ‘Izzat / Might


What a happy gathering! Really, now, have you ever seen a more cheerful bunch of people? Here are Baha’is from Tacoma with guests at the Feast of Might (‘Izzat) on Monday, September 8th at the Lewis home, hosted by BJ Bailey.

Our special guests were on their honeymoon from their home in Beijing, China. Marc Lee and Farnoosh Famouri-Lee (together in the lower right corner) were visiting Marc’s brother, who lives in Tacoma.

Many children and youth were in attendance, and during the first part of Feast they learned songs in the back yard. At the conclusion of the business portion, they joined the rest of us in the living room and sang their songs with us. What beautiful voices! (At least the children and youth.)

Tacoma, Washington  The NEW honeymoon destination.

The world goes to Beijing. Beijing comes to Tacoma!

Photo by Marc Lee

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