Election of Our National Convention Delegate

Here we are standing in line with our ballots, each person waiting in turn to have their name checked off by a Registrar before the ballot is accepted. We are Electoral Unit 163 in the United States Bahá’í Community (the 48 contiguous states) and are the Bahá’ís from Pierce County, southwest King County (principally Federal Way and Auburn) and Vashon and Maury Islands. This year 66 persons voted in person, 18 by absentee, for a total of 84 ballots. There was one invalid ballot. Chris Gilbert, from the Pierce Peninsula Community, was elected our Delegate to attend the 2009 National Convention that elects our National Spiritual Assembly.

Elections in the Bahá’í Faith happen without nominations or electioneering. Each person in the community is expected to get to know the other Bahá’ís well enough to make an informed decision. Every adult Bahá’í in good standing who lives within the jurisdiction is eligible to vote and to be elected. Our system is unique: a combination of an administrative system whose structure comes from God, yet whose members are elected democratically.

While awaiting the results from the Tellers for, first, the election of the Convention Chair and Secretary, and later, our Delegate, we enjoyed excellent music from Alonso and Yuri Brizuela.









Consultation took place following the election of our Delegate. It began with Shawn Javid, our Auxiliary Board member, reading the letter from our National Spiritual Assembly and reminding us of the importance and purpose of our consultation.  George began by encouraging us to participate in reaching out to our neighbors during our teaching efforts.








Those in attendance were generally able to keep their comments focused on the purpose of our consultation, which is to bring the Word of Baháu’lláh to our friends and neighbors and find those souls who are receptive to His message. The several speakers included Chris Bily, whose perceptive comments kept us right on track.










This year’s Unit Convention was hosted by the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Lakewood, to whom we extend a great, big THANK YOU! The venue was the convention center at Clover Park Technical-Vocational College in Lakewood, and was an excellent choice. We hope to see even more people at next year’s Unit Convention!

Photos by the Webmaster

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