Shattered Dreams – Support Bahá’í Students in Iran




The Iranian government continues to actively prevent Bahá’ís from entering or staying at universities, and in some cases, they are being refused enrollment at secondary and primary schools. You can play an important role in assisting the Iranian Bahá’í students. We know, from reports received from Iran, that international pressure has had a powerful effect on government action. 


What can you do? And especially university students and faculty? First, you can pray for our Bahá’í friends in Iran and for guidance as to what role you can play in their defense. Then you can consult with other students and faculty at your college. Bahá’ís can consult with their local Spiritual Assembly as to the most effective course of action.


Here are some suggestions from

Students, faculty and academics around the world are protesting the treatment of Baha’i students in Iran and calling for equitable access to higher education in Iran. Review the sample actions below and consider how you can help.


For further details about the situation and suggestions for action, go to:

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