The dawn of a new day: a perspective on fasting

The dawn of a new day: the obelisk marks the spot of the future Mashriqu'l-Azkar in Haifa, Israel

Photo from “The Bahá’ís and the Holy Land” slide program produced by the Audio Visual Department at the Bahá’í World Centre.

Here is a report received about the seven Bahá’í leaders who are imprisoned in Iran:

I just received this little bit of news and wanted to share with you all.

My uncle in law (Naysan’s uncle) received an email from her cousin who’s sister is one of the ladies in Prison in Iran (Mrs Mahvash Sabet, the first lady of the 7 friends who were arrested on 5 March 08).
The email said, that even the friends in prison are fasting. They saved half of their dinner meal to eat at dawn for the fast. And because some of them don’t know the Fasting prayer by heart they asked for their families and friends to read/say the Fasting prayer in their behalf.

I thought this might be a little encouragment for those of us who are having a hard time during the Fast. Remembering that the friends in Iran are also Fasting with us even in their dire situations is really heart warming and encouraging, at least to me.




In the Name of Him Who hath been promised in the Books of God, the All-Knowing, the All-Informed! The days of fasting have arrived wherein those servants who circle round Thy throne and have attained Thy presence have fasted. Say: O God of names and creator of heaven and earth! I beg of Thee by Thy Name, the All-Glorious, to accept the fast of those who have fasted for love of Thee and for the sake of Thy good-pleasure and have carried out what Thou hast bidden them in Thy Books and Tablets. I beseech Thee by them to assist me in the promotion of Thy Cause and to make me steadfast in Thy love, that my footsteps may not slip on account of the clamor of Thy creatures. Verily, Thou art powerful over whatsoever Thou willest. No God is there but Thee, the Quickener, the All-Powerful, the Most Bountiful, the Ancient of Days.


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