Kindle in their hearts the flame of Thy divine attraction

The Mansion at Mazra'ih, north of Akká in Israel


Sunday, April 12

Cluster 19  ~ 15th Cycle Expansion Phase – Day 2

Friends, please join us in reciting this prayer today to support the teaching we are engaged in during our expansion phase:

He is God! 

O Lord, my God, my Well-Beloved!  These are servants of Thine that have heard Thy Voice, given ear to Thy Word and hearkened to Thy Call.  They have believed in Thee, witnessed Thy wonders, acknowledged Thy proof and testified to Thine evidence.  They have walked in Thy ways, followed Thy guidance, discovered Thy mysteries, comprehended the secrets of Thy Book, the verses of Thy Scrolls and the tidings of Thy Epistles and Tablets.  They have clung to the hem of Thy garment and held fast unto the robe of Thy light and grandeur.  Their footsteps have been strengthened in Thy Covenant and their hearts made firm in Thy Testament.  Lord!  Do Thou kindle in their hearts the flame of Thy divine attraction and grant that the bird of love and understanding may sing within their hearts.  Grant that they may be even as potent signs, resplendent standards, and perfect as Thy Word.  Exalt by them Thy Cause, unfurl Thy banners and publish far and wide Thy wonders.  Make by them Thy Word triumphant, and strengthen the loins of Thy loved ones.  Unloose their tongues to laud Thy Name, and inspire them to do Thy holy will and pleasure.  Illumine their faces in Thy Kingdom of holiness, and perfect their joy by aiding them to arise for the triumph of Thy Cause. 

Lord!  Feeble are we, strengthen us to diffuse the fragrances of Thy Holiness; poor, enrich us from the treasures of Thy Divine Unity; naked, clothe us with the robe of Thy bounty; sinful, forgive us our sins by Thy grace, Thy favor and Thy pardon.  Thou art, verily, the Aider, the Helper, the Gracious, the Mighty, the Powerful. 

The glory of glories rest upon them that are fast and firm.

– ‘Abdu’l-Bahá 


And we share this quote for your reflection today:

From amongst all mankind hath He chosen you, and your eyes have been opened to the light of guidance and your ears attuned to the music of the Company above; and blessed by abounding grace, your hearts and souls have been born into new life. Thank ye and praise ye God that the hand of infinite bestowals hath set upon your heads this gem-studded crown, this crown whose lustrous jewels will forever flash and sparkle down all the reaches of time.

To thank Him for this, make ye a mighty effort, and choose for yourselves a noble goal.


Selections from the Writings of  ‘Abdu’l-Bahá  , p. 35

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