The whole earth is illuminated with the resplendent glory of God’s Revelation.


Bahá’ís believe that the future will be marked by harmony and cooperation among the world’s religions. In 1995, for example, leaders from nine major religions, including the Bahá’í Faith, gathered in London for a summit meeting on how they might work together to protect the global environment. The group founded the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), and since then many of these same religious leaders have joined with the World Bank in a further initiative to tackle world poverty. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, stands in the front row fourth from the right, and the Bahá’í representative, ‘Amatu’l-Bahá Ruhiyyih Khánum, stands in the front row third from the left. Reprinted with permission of the Bahá’í International Community at

All praise be to the one true God — exalted be His glory — inasmuch as He hath, through the Pen of the Most High,  unlocked the doors of men’s hearts. Every verse which this Pen hath revealed is a bright and shining portal that discloseth the glories of a saintly and pious life, of pure and stainless deeds. The summons and the message which We gave were never intended to reach or to benefit one land or one people only. Mankind in its entirety must firmly adhere to whatsoever hath been revealed and vouchsafed unto it. Then and only then will it attain unto true liberty. The whole earth is illuminated with the resplendent glory of God’s Revelation. In the year sixty He Who heralded the light of Divine Guidance — may all creation be a sacrifice unto Him — arose to announce a fresh revelation of the Divine Spirit, and was followed, twenty years later, by Him through Whose coming the world was made the recipient of this promised glory, this wondrous favour. Behold how the generality of mankind hath been endued with the capacity to hearken unto God’s most exalted Word — the Word upon which must depend the gathering together and spiritual resurrection of all men.

Whilst in the Prison of ‘Akká, We revealed in the Crimson Book that which is conducive to the advancement of mankind and to the reconstruction of the world. The utterances set forth therein by the Pen of the Lord of creation include the following which constitute the fundamental principles for the administration of the affairs of men:

First: It is incumbent upon the ministers of the House of Justice to promote the Lesser Peace so that the people of the earth may be relieved from the burden of exorbitant expenditures. This matter is imperative and absolutely essential, inasmuch as hostilities and conflict lie at the root of affliction and calamity.

Second: Languages must be reduced to one common language to be taught in all the schools of the world.   

Third: It behoveth man to adhere tenaciously unto that which will promote fellowship, kindliness and unity.

Fourth: Everyone, whether man or woman, should hand over to a trusted person a portion of what he or she earneth through trade, agriculture or other occupation, for the training and education of children, to be spent for this purpose with the knowledge of the Trustees of the House of Justice.

Fifth: Special regard must be paid to agriculture. Although it hath been mentioned in the fifth place, unquestionably it precedeth the others. Agriculture is highly developed in foreign lands, however in Persia it hath so far been grievously neglected. It is hoped that His Majesty the Shah — may God assist him by His grace — will turn his attention to this vital and important matter.



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