Ethnic Fest – Saturday, July 24

The City of Tacoma’s annual celebration of diversity is Ethnic Fest, held the last full weekend in July. We have participated each year for about the last 15 years.  The weather was warm and sunny again this year. Hundreds of visitors stop by our booths every year during the two-day event. This photo is representative of the activity at our two adjacent booths.


This great banner says so much at a glance, even to passers-by who don’t stop at our booth!  It was purchased through Special Ideas.

Photos and books provide visual aids that help us discuss the Faith with interested Ethnic Fest visitors.


Our children’s activity booth, next to our information booth, invites children to make their own race unity bracelets.

Helium filled balloons, filling the canopy of our information booth, await the eager hands of excited children. Half of the balloons say “No room in my heart for prejudice” and the other half say “World Citizen”. Each year we give away over 400 balloons. We could give away 500 if we had enough helium!

We are setting up our booth Saturday morning before visitors begin arriving. We have someone out front who hands out “No room in my heart for prejudice” stickers to passers-by, one or two persons in the information booth to discuss the Faith with adults, one or more adults or children to assist children to make race unity bracelets, someone in the back to prepare the balloons, and another person to say prayers to attract those souls who are looking for us.

This is a back view of Seymour Conservatory, the crown jewel that adorns Wright Park, the location of the annual Ethnic Fest.

One of the best ways to enjoy the park on a beautiful, warm summer day is to lie on your back on a blanket snoozing. Here is a view looking straight up through the canopy of trees.



A crowd enjoys one of many musical performances during the two days of Ethnic Fest.

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