They refused Him even a lamp.


HOW veiled are ye, O My creatures, … who, without any right, have consigned Him unto a mountain [Mákú], not one of whose inhabitants is worthy of mention… With Him, which is with Me, there is no one except him who is one of the Letters of the Living of My Book. In His presence, which is My Presence, there is not at night even a lighted lamp! And yet, in places [of worship] which in varying degrees reach out unto Him, unnumbered lamps are shining! All that is on earth hath been created for Him, and all partake with delight of His benefits, and yet they are so veiled from Him as to refuse Him even a lamp!

The Báb 

This passage was revealed by the Báb while imprisoned in Mákú. In The Promised Day is Come, Shoghi Effendi affirms that this passage was revealed by the Báb speaking with the voice of God.

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