Service develops one’s spiritual nature

Service to God, in whatever from it occurs, is the opportunity of a lifetime. It helps one develops one’s true spiritual nature, which is, after all, our primary obligation during this brief physical life. By serving God we demonstrate a recognition of our true nature. Baha’is can do this by serving their international, national, regional, or local institutions, through self initiative in bringing the Baha’i Writings to others, and by striving daily to develop their spiritual and moral qualities and to demonstrate the fruits of that effort in their daily relationships with others.

Photo: the principle mosque in the city of Akka (Akko or Acre), Israel, known as the Mosque of al-Jazzar. It is built over the ruins of a crusader church. It is said that if you lowered a canoe through the well opening that you could paddle around in the water in the open chamber that was once the interior of the church.

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