Serenity is a quiet, solitary shore and a blue view to the horizon with a soft breeze on a warm, sunny day, a timeless view that you have all to yourself. True serenity, however, is something far more profound. It is having a solid sense of your moral center and those spiritual values that you have learned and practiced and instilled into your soul and that are reflected in your thinking and conduct. These values all have their origin in the Word of God that has been brought to mankind through God’s Messengers. Baha’is learn them through the priceless utterance of Baha’u’llah – the Word of God that He revealed to mankind during a ministry that lasted 40 years. Practicing them enables you to come closer to your true spiritual self, and on a practical level, demonstrating them can enable you to both enjoy the benefits of this earthly life and avoid making those poor decisions that result in undesirable consequences.

Photo: a 180 degree view to the south and southwest of Cook Inlet taken from Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska. The entrance to Turnagain Arm is on the far left, and the entrance to Knik Arm is on the far right.

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